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1. Copyright

  1. All intellectual property rights, such as copyright, in the information displayed on the Website (such as essays, illustrations, and pictures) belong to the Japan Foundation, writers, and other third parties.
  2. The information displayed on the Website cannot be reprinted or reproduced, in whole or in part, for any purpose other than private use.
  3. The information displayed on the Website can be quoted to the extent expressly permitted by law, in addition to educational purposes. In this case, please clearly give credit in the following manner:
    For example:
    In Japanese: “提供 国際交流基金” / “出典 国際交流基金”
    In English: “Copyright: The Japan Foundation” / “Source: The Japan Foundation”
  4. Notwithstanding Paragraph (3), if you wish to use a picture or image on the Website relating to a specific person, the consent of such person must be obtained in order to protect such person’s rights. For information on obtaining consent, please contact the number below:
    Planning and Coordination Section, Arts and Culture Dept.
    Tel: 03-5369-6060
  5. Information displayed on the Website may not be used for commercial purposes, such as advertising or sales of products. However, the use of information displayed on the Website may be permitted for items, such as commemorative goods, only after obtaining the consent of the Japan Foundation.
    In this case, the Japan Foundation does not recommend or endorse the said items or grant exclusive permission.

2. Exemption of responsibility

  1. The utmost care is given to security on this site. However, this does not guarantee that the possibility of mistaken contents resulting from uncontrollable factors, such as falsification by a third party, is completely eliminated. The Japan Foundation does not bear responsibility for any damage to persons resulting from the use of this site or information on this site.
  2. In order to facilitate the convenience of people using this site, this site includes contents, links, and other information suggested by third parties and translations of these items carried out by the Japan Foundation, for which the Japan Foundation does not have responsibility.

3. Use environment

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4. Basic Privacy Policy

The Japan Foundation collects information on users of the Website in order to better provide the services available on the Website. This information is handled with all due care in accordance with the provisions of the “Basic Privacy Policy” in the following link:

The Japan Foundation Site Policy (

5. Handling of Cookies

The Japan Foundation (hereinafter in this Article, “we,” “us,” or “JF”) hereby sets forth the following policy with respect to the handling of cookies on the Website.


People who use the Website (hereinafter in this Article, “Users”) are asked to consent to JF using cookies in accordance with these Policies. If you consent to JF using cookies, please click the “Agree & Continue” button for the use of cookies.
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What we use cookies for

JF uses cookies on the Website to make it easier to use the Website and to make it more closely aligned with the interests and needs of users. Allowing us to use cookies can help users reduce the time it takes to access the Website from the next time they visit. JF also uses cookies to compile anonymized statistical data to understand how users use the Website, and to help improve the Website’s structure and content. JF may provide users’ information collected through cookies to third parties, such as advertising agencies, data managers, and data integration systems, in order to analyze and improve the Website. JF cannot use the information collected through cookies to identify individuals.

Types of cookies the Website uses

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Third-party cookies

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How to control cookies

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Services used by the Website

Google Analytics

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6. Social Media Policy

7. Web Accessibility

We strive to ensure that this site conforms to Level AA for web accessibility (JIS X 8341-3:2016 Conformance Level AA).
“Web accessibility” refers to ensuring that anyone, including the elderly and persons with disabilities, can use the information and functionality provided by a homepage or other website without difficulty (from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ Everyone’s Public Website Operational Guidelines,2016 edition).
The Japanese Industrial Standard for web accessibility, JIS X 8341-3:2016, was revised in March 2016. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications released Everyone’s Public Website Operational Guidelines (2016 edition) in April the same year. These guidelines call on public institutions operated by national and local public entities to strive to offer homepages that conform to the JIS standard for accessibility.

8. Miscellaneous

  1. The information and URL of this site may be changed or deleted without advance notification.
  2. While the utmost care is taken to ensure the accuracy of information carried on this site, the Japan Foundation does not bear any responsibility whatsoever for any actions taken by users after using this site.
  3. The company names, product names, logos, etc. carried on this site are registered trademarks of the organizations or sales entities concerned.
  4. Due to technical limitations of the electronic media, fonts, etc. might differ from those in printed publicity materials (for example, machine-dependent characters, personal names).
  5. Due to system disorder, maintenance, etc., the supply of information from this site might be temporarily suspended. The Japan Foundation does not bear responsibility for any damage resulting from said suspensions.
  6. Inquiries regarding this site policy:
    The Japan Foundation
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    YOTSUYA CRUCE, 1-6-4 Yotsuya
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    arts[a] “[a]” with “@”.)